Monday, September 22, 2008

Template Challenge- Come out and Play

We've posted a template challenge over at Andilynn Designs blog! Come check it out and get a fantastic participation prize!! I would have posted my fanciful LO here, but I left my gear (that carries all of my enormously huge files) at home today. :( I feel so naked without my portable HD. I can't believe how dependant I've become to it. It's like forgetting my wedding ring at home or my watch. BTW, don't tell the hubby I forget the wedding ring at home. He'll give me that "I told you to put it in the same place every day" look. I hate that look. I get that look everytime I lose something in the house. But, I have to admit, I should appreciate the 'look' because that means he cares. If he didn't care, I wouldn't get a 'look.' I would probably be ignored. 

Oh well. Happy Monday!! Oh who am I kidding. Mondays are never happy. How about "Have a Disney Day!" That sounds a lot better.


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