Sunday, April 19, 2009

It sucks to feel blue...

I've been having one of those yucky down on your luck type of week. Sometimes  life is going just perfectly fine; sometimes even better than perfectly fine. Then you get bad news and everything goes downhill from there. I can't believe I was on an emotional high just a week and a half ago and now I find myself in this awful funk that I just can't get out of. Thank goodness for music. I heard this song on Pandora the other day and just had to have it. After hearing the words, I just knew this was a song that my husband would dedicate to me if we were still in Jr. High and requesting songs to each other on the radio. :) It's called "We All Need Saving" by Jon McLauhghlin.

You have got to move on
This is no the you i know
This isn't real
It's just all you can feel
And that's the way that feelings go
And whether or not it's right or wrong you'll do what you will do

When the cloudi in the sky starts to pour
And your life is justa storm you're braving
Don't tell yourself you can't lean on someone else
Cause we all need saving sometimes

We all need saving by Jon Mclaghlin

Say what you will but the time that we fill
While we're on the earth
Should not be alone
We were meant ot be known
You make me what i'm worth
But i can't keep you from yourself you'll do what you will do

I don't know why it has to be this way and
I don't know the cure
But please believe someone has felt this before

We all need saving

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