Monday, July 6, 2009

Designs Designs and more Designs

Hey My Few Fellow Readers. It's been awhile since I posted something. Today my family and I decided to play at a "park" and capture some great shots of our adorable 3 year old. Here are some pictures from our "session" taken with our fancy camera (Canon 40D). Overlays were purchased from We are

I also recently did so one layout (woohoo) created with the Scrapbookgraphics site collab Impressions of Travel.

I'm working on the Scrapmatters newsletter, as usual, this time of the month. But more importantly, I've been working on my own designs. I made some digital thank you cards that I'm hoping my friend will like and I am working on an alpha pack to giveaway. I've also got tons of projects in the works, so I hope to post final pictures here. Did I mention how obsessed I am with Kenner Road? Their stuff is totally adorable and I love the goodies I get from them. I recently made some items which I need to take pictures of so I can post them. Stay tuned!

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Jodie said...

Oh my goodness! I love that picture with the bright blue background. I think you need to order that on a big ole canvas for your home. Beautiful photo and beautiful boy!