Thursday, February 17, 2011

Glee Inspired Quinn Fabray Crochet Hat!

Ok. So I finally watched the "Comeback" episode of Glee last night, and I was LOVING all the knit/crochet items that were featured: Quinn Fabray's super cute maroon pixie hat, Brittnay's fingerless gloves, the girls' unicorn sweaters, and the list goes on.

source of pic: here

Update! I got a better view of the Quinn hat
Source of pic here

After seeing Quinn's hat on the show, I wanted it...very badly. I proceeded to google like crazy, searching for every possible phrase that would lead me to this delicious Quinn Fabray hat: "Quinn Fabray's knit hat," "Quinn Fabray's Comeback hat," "Glee Comeback Quinn hat,""Quinn's super cute Comeback hat that I really really want." Nothing. Nadda. Zilch.

I did find this pattern on Etsy, which came close to the ribbing style + small nubbin at the top, but I already spent my "hobby" budget this month, but I have it bookmarked to purchase next month (heee). I decided to search my favorite crochet/knit sites: Raverly, Crafster,  and Crochet Pattern Central for a free pattern. I stumbled upon this great free pattern here. It wasn't exactly what I wanted because it didn't have the ribbing pattern I wanted, but it came close. I decided to MODIFY by using a different hook, added some different stitches, made a flower (of course) and viola! See my pics below. It's a quick pattern. I whipped it up in a couple hours. I think it came out alright. I think the next one I do will have a smaller nubbin at the top. Thank you Hermie for the fantastic pattern!! Now, for the fun part: figuring out how to make one for my mini me....

If you were inspired by the same episode, I'd love to see what you made. Leave me a link in my comment :)

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