Monday, February 7, 2011

Kung Hee Fat Choy!!! Welcome to my latest hobby ;)

This week we sort of celebrated Chinese New Year. What I mean by sort of, is that I thought about it, was bummed that I missed the festivities in Chinatown, told my kids that we missed the celebration, and now I plan to attend next year. I'm going to consider this year a lucky year for me because it's the year of the rabbit. I wasn't born in the year of the rabbit, but I like rabbits, so there you go. Maybe I'm already off to a bad start because I didn't attend any festivities. Does eating a Chinese Tea Cookie this week count as celebrating the new year? Probably not. I'm so sorry Chinese grandpa. I promise to be a better Chinese year.

I've been busy doing handmade crafts versus digital designs. Trust me, I will get back to digital designs, but at the moment, with little kids running around, it's much easier to chase them with a yarn ball and crochet hook in hand versus my laptop computer. A smarter person would just stop what they're doing to chase the kids, but sometimes, just sometimes, i'm not that bright.

Since I've been crafting more, I thought, what the hey, I should sell this stuff. I've given a bunch away to friends and sold a bunch of items at a craft fair, so I have high hopes. I hope to be better about posting pictures and updated of what I'm doing, craft wise. I hope to treat my poor neglected blog better than I did over the past year. With that said, I REALLY appreciate my 4 blog followers. You guys are loyal. You rock and you are totally awesome!! If you actually were following my blog, please email me cause I'd love to send you a handmade gift :) If you weren't, then you missed this message and there's no gift for you :(

This week, I will be adding more pics of the crafty goodies I've been working on. Here are a couple images of what I'll be posting in my shop. Unfortunately, my beautiful model tends to be moody, so I can't take pics as often as I want, so please bear with me if you see pictures of my products on the floor or the table or inappropriately placed on my son; it's the best I can do.

Right now, I've got a promotion going on my Facebook store page. For the first 15 people to "Like" my store, will receive a 15% discount off of their first purchase through my store and a chance to win a custom crochet hat for their little one.

So go ahead and "Like" my Facebook page. You can see the very nifty and easy to find "Like" button in the right column. You see it? It's right there. Go ahead. Click "Like"

Thank you!!! Oh and by the way, my store can be found here. There's nothing in the store at this moment, but give me a good night's worth of sleep and I promise to have at least one item posted by tomorrow :) But know that just because nothings in my shop, that doesn't mean I don't have items to sell. So email me if you have any inquiries.

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